Albert Leonard Middle School


  • Class Advisor: Mrs. Thomas, If you have any questions: Please E-mail Mrs.Thomas @
  • There are 2 Options to Choose From
  • Option 1: Cap & Gown w/ Tassel [$16.00 + $13.00 (Shipping & Handling)]
  • Option 2: Cap & Gown w/ Tassel + Stole [$16.00 + $10.00 (stole) + $13.00 (Shipping & Handling)]
  • Price for Cap & Gown w/ Tassel: $16.00
  • Price for Stole: $10.00
  • Color of the Gowns: Royal Blue (shiny)
  • Have a question about sizing? Scroll down to see the sizing chart and description below.
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Height Gown
Full Fit
suggested if
4’9″ to 4’11” 42 over 135 lbs.
5’0″ to 5’2″ 45 over 165 lbs.
5’3″ to 5’5″ 48 over 195 lbs.
5’6″ to 5’8″ 51 over 225 lbs.
5’9″ to 5’11” 54 over 255 lbs.
6’0″ to 6’2″ 57 over 275 lbs.
6’3″ to 6’5″ 60 over 295 lbs.
6’6″ to 6’8″ 63 over 295 lbs.


Sizing the Gown:

Gowns are cut so they fall 8 to 10 inches from the floor. If a longer gown or sleeve length is desired, order one size larger than what would be normal for your height. Be sure to measure the student’s height with the shoes they will wear for the ceremony. The size listed is the actual length of the gown from the back neck to the hem.

Do you need a full fit gown?

Regular size gowns have a fair amount of extra fabric and are sized to look good on those with slender to moderately heavy builds. All others should order a full fit gown, an additional $3.00. We recommend the full fit gown if the student’s weight is over the range shown for their height. Young men who are broad-shouldered may also find that they need the “full fit” gown even if their weight is not over that shown on the chart.

Caps are not sized:

The caps have small elastic panels on the sides which allow them to work with almost any head size. We do not require a head measurement, only a gown size. If you have an unusually large head, write a note for us in the checkout area giving us your head measurement so that we can accomodate you!

You can get the majority of the wrinkles out of your gown by putting it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting and putting a damp towel in with it. Run it for about 15 minutes. (Don’t OVER dry, or it will be full of static!) This will remove most of the wrinkles. If it needs to be ironed, use the lowest heat setting on your iron, which is usually called “synthetics” or “polyester.” Test a small area first inside a seam to be sure that the iron is not too hot; an iron that is too hot will melt the fabric. We have had best results by ironing from the inside of the gown.

The apparel is 100% woven polyester fabric, which is washable. We’ve washed these gowns ourselves with no problems, and the feedback from customers on the durability and washability has been very positive. We recommend that you hand wash in cool water and hang to dry. The caps, because they contain a plastic insert rather than cardboard, can be handwashed and line-dried, but it is difficult to get them looking good after washing, since they can’t be ironed. We don’t recommend washing the caps.

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Cap & Gown w/ Tassel, Cap & Gown w/ Tassel + Stole


4'6-4'8, 4'9-4'11, 5'0-5'2, 5'3-5'5, 5'6-5'8, 5'9-5'11, 6'0-6'2, 6'3-6'5, 6'6'-6'8, 5'0-5'2 Full Figured, 5'3-5'5 Full Figured, 5'6-5'8 Full Figured, 5'9-5'11 Full Figured, 6'0-6'2 Full Figured, 6'3-6'5 Full Figured


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