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Do we have to pay a deposit?

$100.00 deposit is required to start production. Remaining Balance is due when the ring(s) are complete.

How do I get our players/coaches on our team sized?

We can send you some a metal sizer. Typically, the team will have a meeting, and everybody will try on the sizers. Somebody from the team can email us the sizes and individual player information via an excel spreadsheet. Those who can’t make it to the team meeting typically go to a jewelry store. We all use the same universal sizers.

Can we do multiple Top Sizes?

Absolutely but doing the same ring in 2 different top sizes can increase the total cost of the ring due to producing a new mold. Sometimes those changes force us to create a second design with our machines.

What if players want to order at a later time?

Players / Coaches can place a “ADD-ON” order anytime after the initial sizing date.

What is the Turnaround time for championship rings?

Typical turnaround time for most championship orders take approximately 7-8 weeks. Usually, they can be done quicker but 8 weeks is safe to tell other team members of your team. In some different scenarios, the rings may take a little longer if it is considered a more complicated design. We pride ourselves that all of our championship rings come out perfectly every time!

When is payment due?

Remaining Balance is due prior to Shipment!

Now that we have the design the way we like it, what's the next step?

We can prepare an invoice for your team and set up a date or send a metal ring sizer to size all the players/coaches on the team!

What do coaches put on the side of their rings instead of the number and position.

Most coaches put the word “COACH” on the side of there ring. If some cases, coaches can use “HC” | “AC” | “DC” in place of a number. It could also be left blank.


How much do we have to pay up front?

Typically, before we begin a team order, we request a deposit of 30%-50% but we are totally flexible and will work with the team!

In the past, we always ordered rings a specific type of way. Could we keep the process the same in terms of deposit amount and shipping partials?

Zolnier Championship Rings has simplified the order taking / deposit taking process. We make this process as easy as possible but are always open to your ideas and want to make your order as headache free as possible!

Who will be responsible for collecting the balances owed for rings?

We will reach out to you in regards to who still owes a balance for any championship rings! We will work with you to collect payments and resolve any issues that may arise.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made in a number of ways:

  1. Online: — INSERT LINK –
  2. By Phone: 1-800-303-8548
  3. By Mail: Zolnier Championship Rings | 308 35th Street, Union City, NJ 07087

How many rings am I eligible for?

This varies from team to team but please inquire within for more details.

What kind of warranty do the rings I purchase from Zolnier Championship Rings have?

Zolnier Championship Rings has the best warranty around. We offer a lifetime warranty on all rings purchased.

What happens if we don’t like the rings when we receive them?

Zolnier Championship Rings takes pride in our State-of-The-Art technology and guiding every team along the way during our designing/manufacturing process. You are always notified of 3D Images and up-to-date information as we move along production. We are always certain that every customer is satisfied and guarantee that. If you are not satisfied, we will work with you to meet your expectations! No other company is willing to make that!


I need a special emblem/logo made. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Zolnier Championship Rings has a famous saying: Your imagination is our limitation!

I need special wording around the stone or on top of the ring (bezel). Is this possible?

Absolutely! Here are Zolnier Championship Rings, our expert artists will take your ideas and bring them to life in any championship ring!


Can my team get an engraving inside the ring?

Absolutely, we provide 2 different types of engravings, a “LASER ENGRAVGING” or a regular Etching. Typically, the LASER ENGRAVING will add a small amount to any cost per ring order. Please see your rep for further details.

Do you engrave in lower case letters on the sides?

Typically, no! all names are engraved in uppercase letter to make them stand out. In some scenarios like “McDOUGLAS” we will provide the “c” in lowercase.

What Engravings are prohibited?

Please speak to your representative about this!


How do I determine my ring size?

If we shipped a ring sizer to your team or organization, we suggest sizing the team with the metal sizer. Do not guess on finger sizes! If you do not have a ring sizer, please see a local professional jeweler and have your finger sized.

I lost my ring. Can you remake it?

If you purchased a ring through Zolnier Championship Rings. We will have your order information on file. We can of course produce a new ring for you. Please contact us for further details so we can get the process started.

I need to make a change to a ring that I just ordered. Is this possible?

Changes typically can be made within 5 days of initial sizing date.  If changes are needed after 5 business days, additional charges may apply.

What are Crest Stones? What are Pave Stones?

The crest is the Emblem in the Top insert of the ring. PAVE stones are a bed or background of small gemstones that will highlight the ring!

What do you mean by Left and Right Sides?

The “LEFT” side corresponds to the left side of the ring as the ring wearer looks down at the ring. In this case, the wording around the stone is right-side up to the wearer.

Can you do anything other than championship style rings?

We offer many varieties of championship memorabilia. We can turn your ideas into a Championship Pendant, Bracelet, Pin, Etc… Your imagination is our limitation™

What is Zosidian®

Zosidian is a Black Finish championship ring. It features the durability of stainless steel.

What Metals are available?

All Championship Rings are available in Stainless Steel | Zosidian Steel | Various Gold metal options!

What do coaches put on the side of their rings instead of the number and position.

Most coaches put the word “COACH” on the side of there ring. If some cases, coaches can use “HC” | “AC” | “DC” in place of a number. It could also be left blank.

Will the metal tarnish or fade? Will it turn my finger green?

Zolnier Championship Rings is proud to say that we will never manufacture a championship ring that will tarnish, peel, or fade away. We manufacture our championship rings using a specific type of stainless steel.

What can I put on the ring design?

We offer more customizable designs than any other company in the industry. We usually like to walk you through the process to make designing the ring as easily as possible. Our expert reps will guide you to design a ring that will look as close as a match to the artwork as possible. If you are unsure of what type of design you would like, we will gather as much information as possible from you and create a ring to your liking! After that, you can make a few changes to make it the ring of your dreams!

What type of metal do you use? Does it tarnish of time?

We recommend our beautifully crafted Zadium Championship Rings.


When should I expect the ring?

Custom Championship Rings take approximately 7-8 weeks for production. There are unforeseen situations when manufacturing certain rings. In these specific situations, please allow up to an additional 2-3 weeks. These delays are very uncommon and not likely, but sometimes needed to guarantee a perfectly crafted championship that will surpasses your expectations.

The ring is not here and it has been more than 8 weeks. What can I do?

Please e-mail all questions to | We are happy to assist.

Where can rings be sent?

We are pleased to announce that we will ship all championship around the World. We do not, however, ship to P.O. Boxes in the United States of America.

Where are the rings manufactured?

We have manufacturing facilities inside and outside the United States. From our deeply experienced technicians and support team, we take your final design and pair with our manufacturing facility that is best knowledgeable towards the specific type of ring that you have chosen. You can of course, request your championship rings to be manufactured in the USA if that is important to you.



Zadium: A highly-durable and brilliant white metal alloy at an economical price. The advantage of Zadium® include a metal that will not tarnish, while guaranteeing the luster and brilliance of more expensive metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver: A vibrant white metal that may tarnish over time.

White Gold

White Gold: A modern twist on gold. Manufactured to be White or even silver in color. Available in 10K | 14K | 18K

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold: A standard symbol of beauty and worth. Available in 10K | 14K | 18K

Gold PVD

Gold PVD: A special Fusion Process where we transmit a 24KT Gold Color into the ring metal of your choice. Please call for further details.


Zosidian Metal: Our State-of-the-Art Black Metallic Finish. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It will sure catch the attention of anyone passing by.


How do I check the Status of my Order?

If the process has taken longer than 8 Weeks, please contact us at


How do I figure out my Finger Size?

Zolnier highly recommends visiting a local jeweler and having your finger sized for a championship ring. If the gift is for a loved one, we suggest taking a ring that you know might fit them, and have it sized by a professional jeweler as well.

How do I know how big Each Size is?

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What happens if the ring doesn’t fit one of my players or something isn’t right on the ring?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our championship rings. We stand behind every ring we sell and we guarantee to fix those issues, no questions asked.


I damaged the ring. What are my options?

The fee usually varies depending on the style of ring, typically, there are no fees though. Repairs do take 3-4 weeks. Most repairs are covered under our lifetime warranty, while others are not. Please see our attached warranty to review what is covered. Contact us at to explain your situation and we will get back in touch with you within 24-48 hours.


A stone fell out of my ring. What can I do?

Please contact us via and explain your situation. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

What kind of repairs can you do?

Do you have a damaged Class ring or Championship Ring?

At Zolnier Championship Rings, we realize that rings get damaged and stones get broken or lost. We work on all types of rings, even if the ring didn’t originate from us.

Also, sometimes the Black Antiquing on the side of the ring came off, we will be more than happy to reapply some antiquing and polish the ring up as well.

  • INSERT LINK- Please click here to “CONTACT US”. As you fill out the contact form, please select “REPAIRS” from the select a subject drop down. Please make sure to describe the problem with the ring. Once you submit the form, a customer service representative will get back to with a reply within 24 hours.
  • INSERT LINK – REPAIR FORM – “click here to download the printable repair/return form.


I don’t like the stone on my ring anymore. Do I have any options?

You can send the ring in for servicing. Please inquire within for further fee charges on stone changes.

My Ring doesn’t fit me anymore. How much is a resizing fee?

There is a $120.00 resizing fee charged to custom rings.

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