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School Name: Academy 1 Middle School – Class Ring Portal

Class Ring Pricing – Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Class Ring – $55.00
  • Sterling Silver Class Ring – $70.00
  • Custom Name Engraving + $5.00
  • 3 Letter Engraving
  • Any stone color option

Have a question about Full Figured sizing? Scroll down to see the sizing chart and description below.

Note there is a  $3.00 Processing Fee

Regardless of Shipping information: All Graduation Products will be delivered to Academy 1 Middle School 

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  1. Select the finger you want to be measured because the ring will only fit properly on that finger.
  2. Sizing the finger is super simple, see the steps below.
  3. Do not size your finger too tight, you are looking for a comfortable fit. Not too loose & not too tight.
  4. If the knuckle is bigger than the back of your finger, please size the ring to fit over the knuckle only*

NOTE-1: Allow for change of weather | Depending on the season – In the winter, your finger contracts (gets smaller) and in the summer, your finger expands (becomes larger).

NOTE-2: Once you come up with a finger size, let’s say a Size 7, go back and try on a 6 ½ and also a 7 ½ to see what feels most “comfortable”. Take some time, maybe 1 day at the most to see which size feels right. Please remember, these rings are custom and cannot be returned or sized up or down once you select a size.


Please fill out as much information as possible to get the most accurate quote.